Recording, Mixing & Mastering.

photo by Nicholas Scott Hall

photo by Nicholas Scott Hall

Brass Tacks Audio is a Recording, Mixing & Mastering (Both Digital and Vinyl Formats) Engineer by the name of Matt Qualls. 

Matt Qualls' recordings can be described as loose, live, raw and real. A little bit of dirt and shine. Just you, your instrument and the microphones. Drawing influence from his hometown, Memphis. Matt focuses on capturing emotion & individuality over perfection. Using both digital and analog tools, old and new techniques, Brass Tacks Audio is all about providing the best recording for you. Drawing from a background as a musician, Matt chooses to mostly record live. He feels that having the musicians perform together as a unit, provides a truer representation of the group. Whether the band is all in the same room, or everyone has their own iso-booth and is monitoring off headphones, is a matter of the facility and end result of the record. We hope you choose Matt as your next recording, mix or mastering engineer.

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Ardent Studios - Memphis, TN

Ardent Studios is the most used studio by Matt in Memphis. Recording is the primary role Ardent plays in the Brass Tacks Audio productions. Using either Studio A or C, the studios are fully equipped with large format consoles (SSL, Neve), legendary outboard gear, and very large tracking rooms with iso-booths. Ardent also offers a very large array of great sounding microphones, guitar and bass amps, pianos, organs and so much more.

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